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Creating change and safer cities starts with holistic planning. That’s why we offer urban planners simple and efficient AI-based tools to incorporate safety and crime prevention into the urban planning process.

Street harassment and other types of crime in public spaces are caused by a variety of different factors. As UrbView, we dedicate our efforts to one factor that is widely overlooked – the design of our cities. Research shows the immense impact safety-sensible urban planning can have on crime rates and the use of public transportation.

Incidents of street harassment are not merely uncomfortable events. They affect survivors in so many different areas of their life on a long-term basis. The lack of safety in public spaces that disproportionately affects women and minority groups, such as the LGBTQ+ community, is a major obstacle on the road to gender equity.

This lack of safety leads to …

  • Higher crime rates
  • Reduction of public transport usage
  • Reduction of walking, cycling, and leisure activities
  • Marginalization of women, minorities
  • Higher expenses for law enforcement & crime response

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We use Artificial Intelligence to prevent crime through urban planning.

Our revolutionized technology helps urban planners, and architects identify high-risk crime areas. UrbView provides you with detailed reports that give you the tools you need to minimize risk factors and create safer, more connected urban environments. Not only can we improve the safety of new and old city designs, but we can also enhance public transportation planning.
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