Start a change. Use our innovative tools to prevent crimes in public places.

Transform Your City’s Safety with UrbView.
Prevent crimes and sexual harassment in public places by designing safer urban spaces with the help of our innovative tools.

At UrbView, we empower city planners, designers, and architects to evaluate and enhance the safety of their designs. Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence model offers actionable insights and recommendations to create inclusive and secure urban environments, effectively reducing crime rates and street harassment.

Our Services – Easy, Personalized, and Effective

  • User-friendly platform
  • Instant safety evaluations, providing feedback within seconds
  • Cost-effective annual license with unlimited uploads
  • Customizable accounts tailored to your organization's needs
  • Dedicated technical support during business hours
  • Personalized consultations to optimize design strategies and achieve maximum safety impact

What are the features of UrbView?

Danger Map

Uncover the unseen hazards lurking in your city’s streets by simply clicking on any location within our interactive map. Instantly access a comprehensive analysis of perceived risk, shining a light on potential trouble spots.
Experience the power of our groundbreaking AI model, ingeniously crafted for urban planning by seamlessly combining diverse data sources to reveal critical insights for safer and smarter city designs.

Plan Evaluation

Effortlessly assess potential risks in your plans, such as development blueprints, even during the earliest design stages. Our software delivers comprehensive feedback, complete with striking visual representations to help you envision safer urban spaces.

Leveraging the prowess of cutting-edge Computer Vision technology, our tailor-made AI model for urban planning revolutionizes the way you create and refine city designs for a secure and inclusive future.

Public Transport Graph

Analyze and simulate routes from point A to point B, adjusting transport stops like bus stations, to study passenger behavior and safety dynamics. Our innovative AI-driven approach combines urban planning, public transportation, and crime data to provide flexible insights for creating secure, adaptable city designs.

Reports generator

Create configurable reports that showcase statistical evaluations of harassment and crime in public spaces within selected areas. Supported formats include .csv and .xlsx, complete with charts and correlation analyses between metrics such as passenger behavior, financial impact of prevention measures, usage of public facilities, and much more. Gain a deeper understanding of your urban environment to inform data-driven safety improvements.

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