We are UrbView

Elnaz Nouri


Elnaz works in the managerial capacity. She has the DDS and MPH degree with background in research on sexual violence and gender equity. With experience running her own business, she is the drive behind our networking and business strategy.

Franziska Vogg


Following her research on sexual violence and consent, Franzi intends to make a difference in the occurrence and perception of related crimes and transgressions. The empowerment of survivors and endangered societal groups is one of the features she values most about the concept of the UrbView mission. She is responsible for securing UrbView’s financial resources and online presence by creating written content that accurately reflects our brand and resonates with our target audience.

Gerard Jover

Machine Learning Enineer

Gerard has the skills needed to develop the algorithms that UrbView uses. His studies in data engineering and experience creating AI solutions allow him to design end-to-end solutions according to the users requirements. His role in the company is to design the architecture of the big data software and supervise the AI algorithms.

Adria Molina

Computer Vision & AI Researcher

Adri is a computer vision researcher at Computer Vision Center, Barcelona. He’s capable of providing a data solution for any problem in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless he spends most of his time dreaming and playing music. In UrbView he aims to provide the newest AI and Computer Vision solutions in order to keep our technology updated to the state of the art; moreover he can’t stop talking about data management and data as a service, so UrbView never falls back in time.

Rishabh Haria

ML and Data Researcher

Rishabh, serving as an ML and Data Researcher at the University of Bremen, Germany, excels in SQL and imparts comprehensive SQL and Database fundamentals to his students. In his role at UrbView, he is entrusted with the responsibility of systematically extracting harassment data from legal sources and establishing a robust and structured database.

Netta Emanuel

Sales, Marketing & Finance

Netta brings invaluable expertise in digitalization, monetization, sales, and business development. She oversees financial planning, marketing, and sales at UrbView, collaborating closely with Elnaz to secure essential financial resources, including potential investors, for the company’s future success.

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Our Core Values

Combining our unique strengths and perspectives is essential to our success, built on trust, communication and shared values.

We strive to change the status quo by adopting new technologies to continuously evolve our services into optimal solutions.

We empower our staff to unlock their full potential by providing them with opportunities for personal and professional development.

In line with our vision, we are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment that embraces diversity and fosters inclusion.

Our commitment to transparency for our stakeholders is a reflection of our dedication to creating positive change in society.

The Story behind UrbView

UrbView’s beginnings were born out of pain and passion, sparked by a deeply emotional and personal experience of one of our founders. This experience ignited a fire in us to combat sexual harassment and violence, particularly in public spaces, and create a safer environment for everyone. We all shared this desire, having ourselves experienced the fear and anxiety of navigating unsafe urban areas. We knew firsthand the devastating emotional, psychological, and economic toll that such experiences could take on individuals and communities. With empathy and a fierce commitment to social justice, we founded UrbView to empower the vulnerable and voiceless, and create a future where everyone can thrive without fear, regardless of gender or color.

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